Eagle Scout Service Project Donations and Fundraisers

Candidates for the Eagle Scout rank may hold fundraisers or request donations for their approved Eagle Scout Service Projects.

Please note that all donations should be by check (not cash) and made payable to “Troop 2 Hastings.” The candidate and project should be noted in the memo to clarify the intended purpose. Once collected, money raised by the effort will be held by the troop to reimburse the scout for his approved expenses related to the project.

The troop will keep track of these funds separately from the general funds and from other ESSP donations. It is part of the scout’s project to also track these amounts collected, and to account for the expenses.

It must be clear to all donors or event participants that the money is being raised on behalf of the project beneficiary. If the donor requires a receipt, it should be from the beneficiary, not the troop or the BSA.

All proceeds left over from fundraising or donations, whether money, materials, supplies, etc., regardless of the source, go to the beneficiary.  This may be the Village, the school district, the church, etc.

Eagle Scout service projects may not be fundraisers in themselves. In other words, the candidate may not stage an effort that primarily collects money, even if it is for a worthy charity. Fundraising is permitted only for securing materials, etc., and otherwise facilitating a project.