Some useful files and links:

Youth Application (PDF)
(Annual registration: 2018-2019 cost is $125 per scout)

Annual Medical form, parts A and B
This is required for all members annually, and must be signed by a physician and the parent/guardian.
This link is to the short form, good for activities and weekend camping
(72 hours and less, parts A and B).
For summer camp, use the more detailed part A-B-C forms found here.
For high adventure/Jambo additional, specific forms are required.

Merit Badge Overview

T2 Youth Leadership Position Duties and Responsibilities

T2 Youth Leadership Application

T2 Youth Leadership Review planning sheet

T2 Code of Conduct and Other Policies

Backpacking Hike List


Link to Online shopping tool
Link to Scout Shop in Hawthorne

The scout shop in Manhattan is currently closed

Link to Greater NY Scout Shops including Alpine, NJ (open Sundays)

The BSA/Troop 2 official “field uniform” (sometimes incorrectly identified as the “class A” uniform)  consists of four items:

  • BSA tan shirt, with the forest green shoulder loops, and all correct insignia. No unofficial patches.
  • BSA olive pants (or shorts, in the summer)
  • BSA belt
  • BSA socks

The T2 official “activity uniform” (sometimes incorrectly identified as the “class B” uniform)  consists of the ALL OF THE ABOVE except the forest green “T2” t-shirt instead of the tan shirt.

At this time the troop does not have an official hat or neckerchief.  (These items are adopted by each individual troop. ) Until such time any Scouting cap may be worn, although please note no non-scout hats/caps should be worn, especially logo wear.

Scouts should wear appropriate footwear at all times, including the weekly troop meetings.  Open toed shoes (flop flops, sandals, etc.) are never appropriate except perhaps at a beach.

A uniform inspection sheet for Scouts showing correct patch placement, etc. is here.

For registered adult leaders it is here.